About Us

We arrived to this land escaping from the city routine and stress, with our backpack full of dreams and hopes, which start growing after every footstep that we step on in this gorgeous land.

We find ourselves amazed with the landscapes which we never think that existed, as well as with unexpected surprises that the Patagonia offer us. We travel across places that escape from our imagination and feel peace and quiet, we achieved to find ourselves with the serenity that someday we lost.

Turismo Cochrane Patagonia is a local community that is created in the year 2012 and consists of local Patagonians, lot of them colonist, people filled with history and experience in this inhospitable lands.

Our Project was develop from our wishes to share our experiences and forms of life with all of you, between the people who came all the way here to challenge this latitudes, lands full of beauty and splendid nature, less than 60 years ago.

In this site you will find photographs that show a little part that you can live with us, we invited you to be part of this unforgettable adventure, because in the Patagonia you doesn´t only will have a vacation, you will enjoy a life experience.



Emanuel y María Antonieta

 Turismo Cochrane Patagonia Founders.

Assemblage picture

Río Baker.


In The Tamango National Reserve can find a wide variety of wildlife like the Huemul, Red Head Woodpecker, Eagles, Condors and Fishes, like a Rainbow Salmon, Fario Salmon, Trout or Perch and other species.

Don Francisco Melinao, settler and member of the community Cochrane Tourism Patagonia..

Cochrane river and lake routes, fishing and boating.