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Catedrales de Mármol

In the north shore of General Carrera Lake, begin the trips to the most amazing natural formations of chile, the “catedrales de marmol” (marble cathedral). These are stone formation of solid marble, that appear to be floating on the water of General Carrera Lake.
The best ways to know them, is starting from Rio tranquilo Town, located 2 hours of Cochrane city, and then navigate in boat for 10 minutes in the turquoise like lake. After that we will arrive to the solid marble formation that rises under lake level, supported by the columns that are located in the eroded thousands of years cavities.

Caleta Tortel

The tortel community is located between the northern and southern Patagonian ice field, also is where backer river flow ends so the river itself has the heaviest river flow of our country rivers.
Caleta tortel is a fisherman settlement, which started to grow and turned into a community. It´s history begins when the English lumber yard “Compañia exploradora del backer” (Backer Explorer company), started to explore the cypress “de las guaitecas” (1960), abundant in the native forest of the region, however only in May 25th of 1955 was the tortel community of tortel created.
For a long time, this area was isolated and only be accessible by searoute. The Austral road allows connecting for land the Cochrane community, by 4 hours of distance.
In this magical area, we can find 7000 mt. of wood footbridges made with Guaitecas Cypress, that connect all the town people houses, which history is one hundred years approximately.
Inside of the tourist attractions, the “Isla de los muertos” (death isle) is a unmissable spot, Now that was declared national monument, nowadays is still unclear why the death of this people led to a cemetery and its 33 crosses. Maybe the mystery gives another historic value to this beautiful place.

Reserva Nacional Tamango

The National Reserve was created by the “Decreto Supremo N° 327, del 01/06/1967” has a area of 6943 hectare.
The tamango reserve, is the only protected area where you can see closely the “huemul” endangered Patagonian species and one of our patriotic symbols.
Located almost 10 km/ 6 mi to the northeast of Cochrane in the hillside of tamango hill, near the Cochrane lake and river.
The place has 2 camping areas with common places for quinchos (grill room) for barbecues, trekking routes that take you to discover several types of native birds, like red head woodpeckers, hawks, martin pescador (small kingfisher) and Andean condors among other beautiful species.

Calluqueo Gleciar.

Calluqueo Gleciar is located at 52 km / 32 mi to the south of Cochrane, you can travel across a gravel road that connect with. This glacier and the big millennium mass of ice descend from Monte San Lorenzo.

El Salto - Valle Grande

El Salto located in the town of Valle Grande, 25 km/ 15 mi south of Cochrane. Next to the baker river you can find this beautiful waterfall coming from the cordillera, creating a wonderful show of natural force, power and beauty. At the base of the waterfall, you can practice fishing and enjoy the areas for camping.
Some activities that you can do are the observation and photography of more than 10 species of bird, flora and wildlife.

Parque Patagonia.
Valle Chacabuco


Is the main center of Patagonian habitat conservation of the region, this valley possess a rich and variety of origin species, flora and wildlife that you can observe in the hills and mountainside borderland the main road, example of this are: guanacos, flamencos (flamingos), caiquenes (ashy-headed goose), and a lot of species of duck and swan.
From Cochrane you can travel the “Ruta 7” (7 Route), and is 3 hours away approximately.
This zone is a Patagonian steppe, is the shelter of endangered mammal species like the huemul, the puma, and the Wolffsohn's viscacha.
This wide valley is considered by the “ Comision Nacional del medio ambiente CONAMA”(National Committee of Natural Enviroment), to be a priority site for the conservation of biodiversity, finding in the process to create in the near future “Parque Patagonia” (Patagonia Park)..


Chile Chico

Chile Chico, is located at 190km/ 118mi of Cochrane, and is in the eastern sector of the chilean Patagonia, occupying the south shore of the General Carrera Lake, is the most bigger lacustrine basin of the country. It´s extension is from the limit with argentina to the Northern Patagonian Ice field and covers a surface area of 4669 kms. Nowadays is has a population of 4500 inhabitant.
At the end of January, the “Festival internacional de la Voz” (International Voice Festival) is develop, is one of the activities of the anniversary week and bring together thousands of people with multiple outdoor activities, like traditionalist festivities, Rodeos, Patagonian barbecue, traditional games, artistic show and various surprises. In the 30th of January of each year is carry out the famous popular barbecue, to all kind of people, where you can taste the best barbecue of lamb, heifer and filly of the region, completely free with a free show in the event center “mate amargo".